Tony Wodarck

I was born in Minnesota and moved to California when 
I was 12. My appreciation for California and the beauty of nature comes from being stuck in the snowy winters of Minnesota for the first 12 years of my life. 
I've got an extreme love for the ocean, palm trees, the Sierras and everything in-between. I've been shooting film since high school, I learned on my dad's Canon AE-1, which I still have to this day, but now mainly use my Pentax 67 and my Leica M6.

My go to film stock is Portra 400 cause I've shot thousands of rolls with it and I know it's always going to look amazing. 
I love shooting film because it allows me to stay in the moment and enjoy nature more rather than overshooting on digital striving for "the perfect shot". 

I shoot film for all my personal work while I travel around California and Hawaii and love incorporating film into the weddings I photograph as well. I have a huge passion for sharing my love of film with the next generation.