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Our everyday film products help capture your memorable moments – from playtime with your kids to travel adventures you never want to forget.

Our everyday films make it easy to keep your favorite moments close.


Photo by Konbu

Kodak Ultra Max 400 Film

Available in 24 / 135 (singles, 3 packs) , 36 / 135 (singles, 3 packs), 24 / 135 (3 packs)

Kodak Ultra Max 400 film is ideal for taking great photos in any condition. This high-speed film is perfect for capturing indoor, outdoor, low light with flash and stop-action photos. So whether your child is running across the lawn on a sunny day, dancing in the rain or playing indoors, this film will capture the moments worth sharing.

Ideal for:

  • Bright, saturated colours
  • Everyday shooting when you want to be prepared to capture anything
  • Greater flash range

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Photo by Wylie Bryant

Kodak Gold 200 Film

Available in 24 / 135 (single, 2 pack, 3 pack) 36 / 135 (single, 3 pack), 120 (pro pack)

Kodak Gold 200 film is designed for picture-taking in natural daylight or with electronic flash. It is a lower speed colour negative film that offers an outstanding combination of saturated colour, fine grain and high image sharpness. This film is perfect for taking photos at family gatherings or at the beach. Gold 200 loves the sun!

Ideal for:

  • Creating bright, colourful photos on screen,

    online or in print
  • Taking people pictures
  • Enlargements or zoom and cropping in digital format

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