Alexander Massek - Photographer Higlights

Alexander Massek - Photographer Higlights

I find that Portra 400 gives me a great basis for my colors while printing or scanning, as well as a versatility for pushing and pulling when I am shooting in unique lighting conditions. 

I am a twenty seven year-old photographer and director who is based out of London and Berlin. In addition to my solo projects, I am also the Founder and Head of Photography at Ampersand Media, a London based photography, design, and videography company. Over the past nine years I have worked with a wide variety of brands including Vogue, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Carolina Herrera, Jean Paul Gaultier, Universal Music and many more.

My work is an expression of my point of view of the world. Especially in my portraits, I aim to capture either the genuine personality of someone or a character we collaborated on in the creative process. 

These images are a collection of portraits, the fashion images highlight my time in the industry capturing people on both a commercial and personal level. In particular, the portrait of Indya Moore was commissioned by Tommy Hilfiger
for British Vogue.

These photos are a culmination of years of work that were invested into my film photography. There was a time when I wasn't entirely proud of the work I was creating. I think all artists go through this at some point. It took a lot of introspection and I can proudly say this has changed in recent years. I can look at my photos and feel like I am expressing my intent in the work I create. 

I have always been aiming to push boundaries in the fashion world, by remaining true to myself and keeping the creativity at the front of it all. While some work is commercial and some is personal, I hope that my catalog of film photography can exist side by side. The goal of a photographer is to create a unique universe through their work and this is always the aim.