Cecile Andre

Cécile André, lives in Brittany, France.

Trained as a graphic designer, Cécile has always had a passion for images, composition and colors.

At the age of ten, she discovered the darkroom with her grandfather and she understood at the time that this process contained a certain magic. Since then, she has never stopped developing a photographic approach linked to the effect.

Today, she sees photography as meditation.

"When I shoot, and even more so shoot on film, I am 100% in the present moment. I don't think of anything else."

"I mostly get inspiration from movies.

I like to be inspired by movies because it allows me to analyze the framing, the lighting, the way the images are staged to serve the story. I like to watch the way actors slip into their roles." She explains, “By photographing my models - mainly women - I manage to magnify a space

by using the human form.”


Photo by Cecile Andre

Portra 400/800

Photo by Cecile Andre

Portra 400/800

“What I would like is to be able to transmit emotions.

To show, among other things, that we can photograph women's bodies without the male gaze.

I would like to show more diversity of bodies so that people, especially teenagers, who are confronted with many images, can identify themselves without feeling forced to change in order to please the norm.

It is a work of deconstruction and as a woman, I confront myself with it every day and that is also slowly making its way into my artistic work.”