Jennifer Lawrence

Meet Jennifer Lawrence, a passionate photographer with a deep love for travel, color, and the art of capturing fun and joyful moments.

Hailing from the bustling city of Chicago, she has become a sought-after photographer, as clients from all corners of the globe fly her to document their families and significant life events.

Jennifer's infectious enthusiasm for film and photography led her to create three immersive in-person workshops, where she imparts her knowledge and inspires others to explore the magic of film photography and unleash their creativity.


Jennifer's photographic style is a celebration of life, characterized by vivid colors and creative flair.

Through her adept use of light leaks and double exposures, she adds a unique perspective to her captures, transforming the world into a captivating visual journey.

Among the plethora of Kodak films, Ektar holds a special place in her heart for its bold hues and refined grain.

Jennifer's work embodies the essence of happiness and creativity, leaving a lasting impression on those who experience the joyous moments she skillfully preserves on film.