Kazuyuki Kawahara - Photographer Highlights

My photographs represent the accumulation of time. 
Kodak film guarantees me faithful time and colorful memories. 
I trust Kodak film to illuminate the light in my camera.

I was born in 1983 in Japan and still live here today.
I taught myself photography when I started taking pictures of my grandparents, and I continue to create photographic works on the theme of family.

With my work I want to share the importance of preserving family photo albums.


My Photo "Intimacy Over Generation" (gallery image 1)
depicts the bond developed from the relationship between the 80 years apart great grand-daughter and great grand-mother;
that desire is the energy which drives me to take photographs.
My grandmother's wrinkled hand covering, as if to accept the days of loss as she ages.
My daughter's small hand which she hands out as far as possible to see the wide world.
The moment when these two hands overlap, I feel the relationship between lives.

Everyday, she plows the fields, sows the seeds and waters the plants. The accumulation of my grandmother's humble daily life makes the beautiful flowers bloom.
I want to pass on these feelings to my daughter.