Marco Bressi

My name is Marco Bressi, I'm a photographer from Italy. Photography has always fascinated me and quickly became my main means of artistic expression.

My photography is exclusively monochromatic and on film.

Film conveys with brutal honesty the scene that has been created in front of my lens.

A black and white photograph can be produced with varying results according to the film emulsion and developer used, because of this I must visualize a mental preview of the desired results. The pre-visualization becomes production, and it's a key component of the whole process.

Choosing the film stock and developer with that in mind, is one of the parts I enjoy most. 


Kodak film is the cornerstone for every analog photographer, because its historic legacy is unmatched by any other film. Shooting on Kodak film means having excellent quality and distinctive grain structure, especially in their

legendary Tri-X emulsion.

My photography is mainly focused on the human sphere, far away from the glossy sense of perfection.

I love seeing people in front of my camera, seeing how they interact with themselves, with the environment,

and with me as well.a

The stories people tell in front of my lens are all entirely different, because every person is different, and every moment is different as well. The same person can be provocative and fragile, posing or spontaneous, and humans can also show an outward emotion that does not necessarily correspond to their inward emotions.