Matt Santomarco - Photographer Highlights

I'm Matthew Santomarco, a film photographer based out of Colorado. I'm drawn to images of the American West and I find film is the best medium to capture the dynamic tones of the region with the timeless aesthetic of film.

Kodak is the workhorse on all of my adventures.
With Kodak's premium line of film stocks, I rest easy knowing they can translate my photographic vision to a reality once I release the shutter. The versatility of the Portra stock allows me to stay flexible and adapt to any lighting conditions. And for those times with an epic landscape, it's those sweet calls for Ektar to capture the scene's vibrant essence. 

Capturing the American west has seized my imagination since growing up in the region. There is continual expansion out in the regions and I seek to capture its raw beauty before it becomes tamed.

Some of the landmarks in national parks may not be around forever. Natural erosion threatens these beautiful areas and it's meaningful to capture them while we have the chance.