Scott Mutasa - Photographer Highlights

I like Kodak film because the colors and tones blend well with most of the shoots I do in natural lighting. The fine grain it offers complements the horror content I typically do .

My name is Scott Mutasa, I am 23 years of age and I am from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. I’ve always loved film for the tones and grain. I love shooting still life, fashion related content (editorials) and people in general. My path in the future is to fully focus on fashion photography using some lovely 120 film on my Mamiya.

In the future I hope to see many more Zimbabwean creatives using film. Currently film is not very accessible,
especially chemicals. 

The process of developing makes the whole act memorable. I was introduced to film at a very young age by my mother and uncle who fostered my love for film as I got older and started to understand it. It is hard in Zimbabwe to access film, but even with limited access I still managed to get a few shots done and film developed.

My style is mainly influenced by my music, street fashion, horror art and poetry. Since film is hard to access in Zimbabwe, as a photographer, the way you make use of your film is very important. Every shot counts, which forces you to understand lighting and composition since you only have a few chances to get the perfect shot.


The photos I have selected highlight the everyday lives of people, from average ways of living to the want-to-be life humans tend to favor. Transmission (to the left) expresses the overwhelming feeling of stuckness, when a creative is in a slump. Completely out of ideas and cannot work around the camera.
Nobunaga for SS (gallery image 4) Shows a busy everyday person, never stopping, always on the go. Always in motion,
seeking a better tomorrow.
Jeans (gallery image 5) shows how one thing can be used to bring a lot of people together,
regardless of where they come from.

This is important to me as a photographer because I enjoy painting a picture for others to interpret and understand the concept of life.
Highlighting people’s everyday lives also allows me to meet, learn about, and exchange ideas with many different people from all over the world.