Tanner Wilson

“Tanner here! I'm a film photographer from

Encinitas, California. As an avid backpacker,

I love seeking out pristine landscapes in remote wilderness areas across the Western US.

There's so many areas you could spend a lifetime exploring, and one of my absolute favorites is the high reaches of the Sequoia and Kings Canyon Wilderness

in the Sierra Nevada range.

Not only do I enjoy the challenge of shooting film in the mountains, I appreciate how present and attentive it keeps me within these incredible landscapes that are

full of dynamic conditions.


Photo by Tanner Wilson

Photo by Tanner Wilson

Packing my 35mm camera and assortment of Kodak film stocks has become a non-negotiable bundle of items in my backpacking base-weight.

Although I strive to go as ultralight as possible, I never regret the extra weight, especially when the mountains treat me with vibrant sunset shows."