Taylor Grayson

My interest in photography started right before college when my oldest sister let me borrow her DSLR.  

I was specifically interested in long exposures and night photography.  I decided I wanted to learn more about photography so I minored in photography; which turned into me applying for my schools BFA program. 

Over the 5 years I was in college my interest in black and white film photography was piqued. Especially with large format.
I loved the whole process from start to finish. Shooting, developing, printing in the darkroom. 

I love having a physical product. 

Fast forward some years and I’ve been working at a film processing lab (The FIND Lab) for the last decade.  
It sounds corny but at this point, film is life.

I’m mostly a landscape photographer but I do a little bit of everything. My overall goal for my work is to capture a moment in time. Because that moment will never happen the same way ever again. I want my photographs to reflect what I saw in that moment as closely as possible. 

My best tool for that is a roll of film and a camera.