Wendy Laurel

“My name is Wendy Laurel and I am a film

photographer in Hawaii. I started shooting black and white film 17 years ago and moved into color a couple of years later when I came across a Lomography photo book.

I love film because of the way it renders color and light. 

I also find shooting film to be a simple almost meditative practice, shooting film has become a way of life for me.

I am more interested in the feeling you get when you look at an image than making sure it is technically perfect. 

My aim with photography is to capture feeling and nostalgia.  Photos that take you right back to how you felt in the moment are what I love. 

Photos that feel free are my goal.

I love color and light.  Color draws me in and makes me happy. I am always chasing color in my photographs and love

bright sunny days. I am equally a fan of strong bright light shots as well as shooting straight into the sun for the flare.

Experimenting with film is interesting to me. 

I love to push the limits with sun flare, different cameras, light leaks, and adding chemicals to my film before processing to

saturate the film with colors.

Kodak film is what I shoot.  The colors rendered by Kodak film are true to my eye and always bright, cheery and are exactly what I see here in Hawaii.  I love the brightness and saturation of Ektar for my sunny days. 

Kodak Gold is also wonderful for colors.  Portra 800 colors are a bright pastel that I love as well.  And even though I am known for color, black and white film is some of my very favorite. Kodak Tri-x gives me the strong black and white contrast,

that I love.“