Mason Neufeld - Photographer Highlights

Kodak film is my preferred tool to create my photographs with because it carries a range of colour and depth which are simultaneously consistent, yet pleasantly surprising.

Mason Neufeld has been a full time film photographer for the past 10 years. She spends half of the year living on the road out of a camper van in Canada, where she spends her days climbing mountains and photographing weddings. For the second half of the year she lives in the jungle of Central America, embracing a more meditative pace. She shoots primarily Kodak Portra 400 in a vivacious yet ethereal style.

I was given my first camera when I was 11. I’d roam around the woods near my house as an escape from a turbulent home life. It was there in the woods with my little camera that I came alive. I'd snap photographs of deer & fox passing by as I hid in piles of leaves. In the winter I'd set sail over vast snow-covered rolling prairie landscapes using a red toboggan and bed-sheet-sail I’d created to go father and farther to get “the shot”.

Through time that passion grew and multiplied. As a teenager (growing up in a town where the mind given to creative pursuits spans even smaller than the populous) I made the leap to go full time into photography by moving into a small car and embraced a year, with pennies in my pocket, to travel to faraway places to expand my portfolio.

I still spend my days dancing through life with a camera in tow, exploring this earth and diving deeper into the possibilities within imprinting light and human memory into the form of film photos.

Thank you Kodak for creating the tool that has enabled my art for a decade of photography, and especially for recognizing and highlighting my art throughout the years!