Zhu Jiayun - Photographer Highlights

I am Zhu Jiayun. I was born and live in Shanghai. In 2009, I had a chance to use a film camera and the image developed was so amazing that I insisted on using film thereafter. I am keen on the old towns and streets in China and take many photos of those historical places. With the development of the city, many old buildings have been removed. I use film to keep the memories.


I've used a film camera to keep the minutes of my life. I like film rather than digital albeit film is not always perfect. However, life is not perfect either. The atmosphere the film brings is fascinating and it fits to life - simple, warm and charming. The tone of the film is elegant and implicit and always makes me peaceful.

Photography is my daily work as well as my lifestyle.

I take my camera to keep every moment in harmony with my mind.

Everything and everyone I meet is a treasure for me.

Photography makes me so happy.

As time passes by, those photos I made always remind me of beautiful moments.

It gives me power when I feel depressed.