Shinnosuke Toya



I shoot with 400TX because of its classic and beautiful grain, high contrast and rich tones, unchanged since 1954. 


I started photography because I admired the photojournalists who were active at a time when they believed they could change the world through photography.
The photographs they took had immense beauty.
They are very compelling to look at.

I admire them and use cameras from that era, use film, make prints using the same techniques,
and take photographs of places where the scenery and culture of the past still remain.

I want to capture the decisive moment. It is a little different from wanting to capture a dramatic moment
that just happened.

I want to capture a moment in time that evokes a flowing image. It is a photograph that evokes sounds, smells, and flowing time.

I take photographs of moments that touch the people who live in a place, regardless of country or culture, and give a sense of their daily lives.

Namely, I want to take Image à la Sauvette.