Jonathan Canlas

I'm a film photographer based in Payson, UT.  
Kodak film has been my choice of medium from day 1 back when I started my professional career in 1999 shooting weddings. In the last decade, I've transitioned to shooting mostly families vs weddings but I also am busy with theFINDlab which I started in 2011. If running my own photography business and lab doesn't keep me busy enough, I also have 6 kids who have been the subject of my work 
for the last 20 years.  

My current passion is a film workshop I conduct called FILM SCHOOL ROAD TRIP which is exactly as it sounds, road trips captured all on film.

We have gone to Havana Cuba, the south coast of Iceland, and Tokyo armed with film cameras in tow to tell our own stories of our travels, the people, the food, and each other. 

Most of my work is shot on medium format cameras with my Pentax 67ii or a Rolleiflex 6001. I do shoot the occasional 35mm through my Contax G2. I absolutely love the colors that Kodak Gold and Portra 800 produce.  
My preference is to shoot both of these films pushed in development, which really helps me achieve the rich blacks and color without having to edit in post. 

If I had to choose one thing to photograph the rest of my life it would be people. Photography for me is a type of visual hoarding or journaling for me. 

I point my camera at the people I love and try and use my images to make a difference. Some of the proudest bodies of work I've created were at Standing Rock, Mauna Kea, work with various Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women's groups, Pearl Harbor veterans, Kahuku High School Football, and the local LQBTQ communities.