Nibera - Photographer Highlights

Nibera (1992) is an interdisciplinary visual artist transcending the borders of fine art photography, graphic art, and design. 

At 8 years old, Nibera’s father imparted his love of photography, purchasing her a disposable analog film camera. As a child, her teachers encouraged her to enroll in a high school program tailored to design and photography.
She grew in her undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering (2016) concentrating in pattern design and textile printing, followed by her Master’s degree in Visual Communication Design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana (2019).

Nibera’s multidisciplinary practice takes inspiration from both nature and the complexities of history.
Inspired by the 70s, 80s, and 90s, her work embraces analog technologies conveying a retro aesthetic. In what she has termed Nostalgic Environmental Magical Realism, she constructs experimental abstract landscapes highlighting environmental concerns in contemporary society.

Being immersed in the untamed wilderness grounds me, both physically and mentally. From this perspective, my work addresses humankind’s relationship with nature, recognizing our growing disconnect. While based in photography, I incorporate elements of collage, design, and even new media. My work elevates the natural world to encourage people to regain awareness of the connection we have to our planet.

The scenes I capture become surreal, bordering between realism and abstraction. Experimentations with light, chemical, and process allow me to manipulate the images into abstract representations of what could have been.
While I work with all forms of photography, analog films add a distinctive quality to my practice. Analog presents another level of artistry beyond merely replicating my subjects. I intensify the colors of the natural world through a kaleidoscopic palette beyond what we could fathom.
Surpassing Earth’s genuine naturalistic hues and tones, the colors signal a time and space prior to mankind’s abuse of the land and its resources.

Parallel Worlds represents the culmination of my artistic vision. This ongoing series situates us in an alternate reality.
Here, nature has remained untouched by man.
The images balance a commentary on the environmental issues dear to me and my hopes for a new and better world.
Engaging with my signature analog techniques, I begin to disrupt the appearance of time. The physicality of film presents an inherent nostalgia and yet, we are peering into parallel realms or speculative futures.

I am creating a visual language that offers an inspirational view of our world rather than the demoralizing alternatives often proliferated. In the wake of mankind’s neglect and toxicity, the natural world has become ephemeral, like the fleeting moments frozen by the lens.
I captures these instances, tell their stories, and build a platform for awareness to encourage active change.